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Filk Songbook
Title: Bayfilk Songbook
Publisher: Off-Centaur publications
Date(s): 1982-?
Medium: print
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Bayfilk Songbook is a collection of filksongs conbtributed by atredeeds to the Bayfilk convention. Bayfilk was a filking convention held in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s. Bayfilk #1 was held March 1982 in San Jose, CA.

Issue 1

Bayfilk Songbook 1 was published in 1982 and is subtitled: Not So Instant Songbook. It contains:

  • I'm A Carl Sagan Groupie
  • Amyellen Leib (Lyricist)
  • Fang van Took (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Strawberry Jellow Forever
  • Amyellen Leib (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Strawberry Fields" by Lennon/McCartney (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • I Surely Would
  • Donna Banzhof (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "El Condor Pasa" by Daniel Alomía Robles (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Radiation
  • Mark Yturralde (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Dr Pepper Theme (I'm A Pepper)" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Mage Who Lost His Glasses
  • Lori Armbruster (Lyricist, Composer)
  • Music notation included
  • The Twelve Days of FRP
  • James Gilly (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Twelve Days of Christmas" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Slaying fo the Remorhaz
  • Cory Cole (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Wearig of the Green" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Little Cthulu
  • Don Simpson (Lyricist)
  • Note: Song has a spoken indroduction.
  • Based on: "The Little Lulu animated cartoon theme" (Tune suggested or parodied )
  • Cabin Fever
  • Georgia Barnes (Lyricist)
  • Kathleen MacDonald (Lyricist)
  • Note: With assistance from Leslie Fish & Raven
  • Based on: "Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built for Two)" by Harry Dacre (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Zolena
  • Evelyn Turner & Friends (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "El Paso" by Marty Robbins (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Superman is Fragile, He's Got Monomucleosis
  • Rick Kotrben (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" by Richard M & Robert B Sherman (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • When Oppsites Unite
  • Nathaniel Hellerstein (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Ballad of Inverness" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Ballad of Bayfilk 1
  • Fish Leslie (Lyricist, Composer)
  • Few Hours
  • David Bratman (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Few Hours" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Expansion Kit for Paul Anderson's "TRANSPORTEERS"
  • Nick Smith (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "When Johny Come Marching Home" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • It's All Our Fault
  • Paul Willett (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Space is Dark" by Bill Roper (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Ronald-Reagan-Carl-Sagan-San-Diegan Pagan Blues
  • Paul Willett (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "The Richter Scale" by Jay Kent Clark and Elliott Davis (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Road to the Future
  • Paul Willett (Lyricist, Composer)
  • On Crypton II
  • Cindy McQuillin (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "On Broadway" by Mann Barry and Cynthia Weil and Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Mos Eisley Space Port
  • Cindy McQuillin (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Star Wars/Empire Marching Song
  • Cindy McQuillin & J. Wayne (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Miranda
  • Karen Wilson (Lyricist, Composer)
  • The Programer's Alphabet
  • Steve Savitzky (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Sweet Betsy from Pike" by John A. Stone (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Freeway Filkers
  • See Note (Lyricists)
  • Note: Eric Gerds, Teri Troutman, Chris Weber, Curtis White, James Long, William Long, Rebecca Long, Rilla Parker, Carol Yobie, Barney Evans, Marie Munns
  • Based on: "Proud Mary" by John Fogerty (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Tully & Ice
  • Mary Kay Jackson (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Ring of Fire" by June Carter & Merle Kilgore (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • When the Millenium Falcon leaves for Alderaan
  • Anne Wilson (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'" by Irving Berlin (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Be A Droid
  • Anne Willson (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Be A Clown" by Cole Porter (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Be A Clown The Bantam Cock
  • Traditional (Lyricist)
  • The Star Trek Connection
  • Barney Evans (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "The Rainbow Connection" by Paul Williams & Kenneth Ascher (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Moonlight Over Livermore
  • Mike Roberts (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Jamaician Farewell" by Irving Burgie & Traditional (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Murderous Little Toy
  • Mike Roberts (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "The Marvelous Little Toy" by Tom Paxton (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Larry's Red Lab Song
  • Mike Roberts (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Dance of the Hours, (Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh)" by Amilcare Ponchielli (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • The Isle of Time
  • Kimberly Bethel (Lyricist, Composer)
  • Music notation included
  • Obi Wan
  • Rebecca Long (Lyricist)
  • Based on: "Billy Boy" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Source: [1]

Issue 2

Bayfilk Songbook 2 was published in 1984. It is illustrated by Arlin Robbins.

Issue 3

Bayfilk Songbook 3 was published in 1986 and is subtitled: It Was Late....

It Was Late Cynthia McQuillin (lyricist)
Based on: "Susan B" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)

Rocket Rider's Prayer Stephen Savitzky (lyricist, composer)

Security Strike Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist)
Andrew III Nisbet ()
Based on: "Barges" (Tune suggested or parodied)

The Time Lords' Game Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist)
Based on: "The Circle Game" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Loyal Hamster Blues Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist, composer)

Turing Test Number 2 Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
Based on: "Lola" by The Kinks (Tune suggested or parodied)

Code Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
Based on: "Men of Harlech" (Tune suggested or parodied)

A Warning for Unknown Voters Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
Based on: "Bonny Ship the Diamond" (Tune suggested or parodied)
Based on: "Step by Step" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Never Understate Your Case Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
Based on: "Never Set the Cat on Fire" by Frank Hayes (Tune suggested or parodied)

Eco-Freaks for NASA Leslie Fish (lyricist)
Based on: "Bringing in the Sheaves" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Falcon Crest's Got a Telepathic Maid Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)

A-Ramboing Leslie Fish (lyricist)
Mercedes Lackey (lyricist)

The Collector's Cry Chris Weber (lyricist)
Based on: "Anchors Aweigh" (Tune suggested or parodied)

For the Record Chris Weber (lyricist)
Based on: "Sail for Amber" by Jordin Kare (Tune suggested or parodied)

Three Cheers for the Bad Guys! Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist)
Andrew III Nisbet (lyricist)
Based on: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Banned from Filking Andrew III Nisbet (lyricist)
Based on: "Banned from Argo" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)

The Grandfather's Clock Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist)
Based on: "My Grandfather's Clock" by Henry Work (Tune suggested or parodied)

Johnny's Little Pet Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
Based on: "Daddy's Little Girl" by Julia Ecklar (Tune suggested or parodied)

The One Syllable Chorus Song Paul Macdonald (lyricist, composer)

Non-Combatants Cecilia A. Eng (lyricist)
Based on: "Take Me Over the Sea" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Carmen Miranda's Ghost Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)

Changing Times Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)

Challenger 7 Ellen Kranzer (lyricist)
Based on: "Sweet Hope of Glory" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Raw! Bill Sutton (lyricist, composer)

Little Fuzzy Characters Jordin Kare (lyricist)
Based on: "Little Fuzzy Animals" by Frank Hayes (Tune suggested or parodied)


Issues 4 & 5

Bayfilk 4 & Bayfilk 5 conventions were held in 1988 and again in 1989, but it is unclear if a songbook was produced. A cassette compilation tape of the songs from the two conventions was released.

Featuring: Leslie Fish, Bill Roper, Heather Alexander, Cecilia Eng, Larry Warner, Mercedes Lackey, and Juanita Coulson.

Songs include:

  • The Wizard of Speed and Time
  • Come With Me
  • Falken Lover
  • Where do We Go From Here?
  • Oathbreakers
  • Ilin
  • Morgaine at the Well
  • Honest Rowan
  • Passion Flower
  • The Cats of Jane
  • Killashandra
  • Black Water (Suicide)
  • Susanna Martin
  • Old Det’s to Pay
  • Partners
  • Khan
  • Fever Season
  • Soul-Search
  • Where, Oh Where, Has Chuthulu Gone


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