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Title: Amber Eyes
Publisher: Miles-To-Go-Publications
Author(s): Cat/K.G. Miles
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1991, 1992
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Amber Eyes is a gen Beauty and the Beast fanzine. It was published as two novels.

Issue 1

Amber Eyes 1 was published in May 1991 and contains 111 pages.


This is a 3rd season zine. Vincent still loves Catherine, but since she is dead, he is... alone. I have not paired himup with anyone, even though I myself wouldn't care if he was. [1]
This is more or less a "Mary Sue" story, the primary character being an empathic zoo veterinarian with a mystertous, painful past. She is introduced to the Tunnels by Mouse, who was searching for help for a very ill Arthur. She and Vincent become friends, only friends, but he feels her pain empathetically and is driven to try to help her. An Interesting story, with an original idea. [2]

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

In this 4th season novel, V encounters a woman vet with extraordinary telekinetic and telepathic powers: she can kill someone with a look! No romance but a lot of “chemistry.” Good characterization, pacing; imaginative storyline. You haven't seen this 18 times before! [3]

Issue 2

Amber Eyes 2 was published in February 1992, contains 126 pages, and is a sequel to the first one. It has the subtitle: "Marina's Pride."

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

In this 4th season story, spunky and ESP-prone (she can kill with a look!) zoo vet Marina tries to prevent deranged Richard Falk from targeting Shamus, a lion, for ritual sacrifice, meanwhile torn between boyfriend Mike and grieving Vincent. Though this brisk, suspenseful story's villains are a bit too vile for belief, they're credibly menacing. Some very crude language and a graphic quasi-rape scene, but no play-by-play sex. So although the R rating is justified, it probably doesn't reflect what you'd at first assume. Art by Matt Smith, Karen Hughey, Jan Durr. [4]


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