Abiding Love

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Title: Abiding Love
Editor(s): Donna Vazquez
Date(s): March 1992
Medium: print
Size: digest
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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copy of front cover, Kriss Farver

Abiding Love is a het Beauty and the Beast fanzine. It is digest-sized and contains 104 pages. Art by Holly Reidel and Kriss Farver with poetry by Katrina Relf.


These Catherine and Vincent stories are set in different phases of their relationship, from the night Vincent found Catherine to an alternate ending to TRISS. In 'Of Things To Come,' "set after the pilot, Catherine goes to a fortune teller with Jenny. 'Betrayal' has Lisa returning and attempting to seduce Vincent with Catherine wondering if she has succeeded. The longest story, "New Beginnings," offers us a new twist to what happened in the cave. In this rendition, Catherine becomes lost when her lantern goes out. Her fear pulls him from his madness and he rescues her. Their days together healing lead to the consummation of their love. [1]
A quartet of classic stories. In "And Beyond", V finds C. In "Of things to Come" shortly after C joins the DA's Office, she and Jenny visit a fortuneteller. "Betrayed" tells what happens when C finds V in an highly compromising position with a returning Lisa. The sexually explicit "New Beginnings" is an account of what happens when C follows ill, delirious V into the deeps in a story reminiscent of, but unrelated to, the encounter in the Trilogy cave. [2]


  • Of Things to Come
  • Betrayal
  • New Beginnings
  • poetry

Reactions and Reviews

The writing is pleasant and competent, the editing and presentation are good, with copious art, considering it's a digest zine. [3]


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