A Woman's Place

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Title: A Woman's Place
Publisher: Greycloud Services
Author(s): Janet Ellicott
Cover Artist(s): Mike Wild
Date(s): 198?
Medium: print zine
Genre: adult het
Fandom: Blake's 7
Language: English
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A Woman's Place is a Blake's 7 adult het Avon/Jenna 33-page novel by Janet Ellicott. It is one of her first novels. The dedication is: "For Paul and Sally. In the hope that Sally won't hate it too much."


A Woman's Place was also published at some point in a 50-page zine with Delirium.


Blake needed the support of planets like Harmony and Harmony needed a computer expert. The problem was that, on Harmony, a man was not considered a success unless he was married. Jenna agreed to be Avon's woman for the visit but all her problems were not with him."