A Meeting in the Hyades

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Title: A Meeting in Hyades
Author(s): Marion Zimmer Bradley
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): 1961
Medium: print, chapbook
Fandom: Darkover/Tolkien
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A Meeting in Hyades is a Tolkien crossover with Darkover chapbook by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It is a story where Regis Hastur, or a character that later developed into Regis, meets Strider from LOTR somewhere in the Darkovan mountains.

It was first published as a separate work in 1961, and then again in Andúril and then again in Starstone #1.

It was discussed in 1974 at a panel discussion at KWestCon. From Ruth Berman & Juanita Coulson: Created Worlds:
Ruth Berman: ...Marian Bradley's story... brings in Lord of the Rings. She has a story, in which her hero, Regis Hastor, not the Regis Hastor of the science fiction books, but the Regis Hastor of Aimer Dihn, meets Strider. It's a delightful story.

Juanita Coulson: The thin strong lonely heroes. Ruth: It's I think, as fascinating a story as any of the ones she's had published professionally, as delightful to read.

Juanita: They bump into each other around the campfire, in effect and exchange the "Is it this way with you?" and "Isn't it a bitch trying to solve all the ethic problems of our worlds?" We're making it sound flippant, it happens to be a story that's serious in tone. But it fits.