A Hard Day's Night (Sentinel vid)

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Title: A Hard Day's Night
Creator: Ankaree
Date: 2006
Length: 02:43
Music: "A Hard Day's Night" by The Beatles
Genre: slash, Jim/Blair
Fandom: The Sentinel
Footage: original source material
*Link to Vid on YouTube
*Vidder's YouTube Page

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"A Hard Day's Night" is a The Sentinel vid by Ankaree. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Jim/Blair. It was created for the 2006 Moonridge Auction. This auction is an annual event that supports The Moonridge Zoo, Big Bear, California. The organization rescues displaced wild animals and it is supported by Garett Maggart, the actor who played Blair Sandburg.


This vid was recommended by Magician113 on Crack Van on August 29, 2008: "(Why this vid kicks ass:) Because after a miserably hot summer (or dreary cold winter for those south of the equator), this is a fun breath of fresh air.

Poor Jim, working so hard battling the scum of Cascade! But he knows who he’s coming home to, so it makes him “feel alright”.

This was Ankaree’s 2006 Moonridge vid. Boy, do I love Moonridge! Not only does it raise money for an excellent cause, but it inspires writers and vidders to create great stuff. Ankaree is multi-talented. She writes stories, does vids, creates wallpaper and does photomanips. While you’re at her site, you should check out her latest vid “Insatiable”. It’s innovative (as well as hot) in that it intersperses romantic/erotic manips with traditional clips. I haven’t seen any other vid that does this. It was a toss-up which one to recommend, but I just felt like I needed something breezy and amusing. If you’re in the mood for steamy (or angsty, action-packed or fun), try "Insatiable" or one of her other vids."