A Comedy of Errors

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Title: A Comedy of Errors
Publisher: Enterprise Originals
Editor(s): Jacqueline Comben
Date(s): April 1989
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek
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A Comedy of Errors.jpg

A Comedy of Errors is a gen Star Trek 28-page anthology published by members of the Enterprise Originals fan club in the UK. It is subtitled: "Short Stories of a Humourous Nature" and contains five stories.


  • Just one little mistake by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which a party is held).
  • Bucket by Ray Dowsett (In which a bucket is flattened).
  • Computer Error by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which replication occurs) .
  • Relative Values by Jeremy S.C. Broadribb (In which a chattel goes visiting).
  • Jim v Jim by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which Kirk meets Jim).

Reactions and Reviews

Sometimes fan fiction takes itself too seriously, so I'd like to recommend two pleasant, frothy little zines [1] which raised a smile on a rainy day. In Jeremy Broadribb's 'Chattel' stories, Stonn and T'Prlng deserve each other; Ray Dowsett concludes that K/S had to start somewhere; Mlra Rana involves Spock in a pantomime, and Jacqueline Comben reminds us that computers are not perfect. While humour is a very personal concept, I liked these zines. [2]


  1. the other is A Proper Pantomime
  2. from IDIC #4
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