A Comedy of Errors

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Title: A Comedy of Errors
Publisher: Enterprise Originals
Editor(s): Jacqueline Comben
Date(s): April 1989
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Star Trek
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A Comedy of Errors.jpg

A Comedy of Errors is a gen Star Trek 28-page anthology published by members of the Enterprise Originals fan club in the UK. It is subtitled: "Short Stories of a Humourous Nature" and contains five stories.


  • Just one little mistake by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which a party is held). (1)
  • Bucket by Ray Dowsett (In which a bucket is flattened). (7)
  • Computer Error by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which replication occurs). (11)
  • Relative Values by Jeremy S.C. Broadribb (In which a chattel goes visiting). (14)
  • Jim v Jim by Jacqueline Y. Comben (In which Kirk meets Jim). (21)

Reactions and Reviews

Sometimes fan fiction takes itself too seriously, so I'd like to recommend two pleasant, frothy little zines [1] which raised a smile on a rainy day. In Jeremy Broadribb's 'Chattel' stories, Stonn and T'Prlng deserve each other; Ray Dowsett concludes that K/S had to start somewhere; Mlra Rana involves Spock in a pantomime, and Jacqueline Comben reminds us that computers are not perfect. While humour is a very personal concept, I liked these zines. [2]


  1. the other is A Proper Pantomime
  2. from IDIC #4
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