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Name: The A-Team
Abbreviation(s): AT, TAT
Creator: Stephen J. Cannell (TV), Joe Carnahan (Movie)
Date(s): 1983-1987, 2010
Medium: Television series & movie
Country of Origin: USA
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Framed for a crime they didn't commit, four Vietnam vets survive in the Los Angeles underground by being heroes for hire.

Nominated for three primetime Emmys, the show left a definite mark on '80s culture with its signature explosions and violence that rarely killed anyone, quotable dialogue, and the impressions left by the stars. It remains an active fandom, largely supported by fans in the UK.[citation needed]

In 2010, the fandom got a boost from the release of a full-length feature film, which altered the canon of the show by resetting the character's backgrounds, modernizing and updating them to be Iraq War veterans with a completely different set up as to: a) why they were on the run b) who they were running from and c) how they met, among other changes.


Originally a traditional, zine-based fandom, the fandom migrated to the Internet. The fandom received a noticeable boost in popularity due to the surprising quality of the film. The ATeam Lending Library‎‎ operates to enable net-based fans to access offline material.

Two main archives exist for the show:

Three mailing lists are also active:

The main slash pairing is Face/Murdock, although other pairings exist. A second, popular pairing is Face/Hannibal. In some stories, both gen and slash, Hannibal is seen as a father figure for the other men.

There is a distinct but small presence of A-Team fans on LiveJournal:



Gen & Het



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